Looking at the current state of the online travel industry, it’s suffice to say that the business is quite successful. With so many websites and even more potential customers, these organizations are constantly scrambling to be considered as the ‘best.’ While we don’t believe that no such online travel agency is perfect–considering the fact that perfection is subjective–we can still say that some OTAs are much better than others. In this regard, we’ll talk about JustFly.com. This US-based online travel agency has only been in business for four years, a relatively short time for any kind of business. However, JustFly has managed to break through the hard barriers that have been troubling numerous OTAs ever from the beginning. Why use JustFly? Let’s take a look.

What is JustFly.com?

JustFly is an online travel agency that is headquartered in the USA and has been in business since February 2014. The company has stated ever since that their objective is to provide an easy and budget-friendly alternative to purchasing travel tickets. Thus, they have worked hard to provide their services at very low costs. Today, JustFly offers the following services: airline tickets, car rental services, cruise trips, and hotel rooms. We need to tell you that JustFly is a distributor and not the supplier of these services. This might raise a couple of red flags for some customers. Why would you buy from a distributor instead of getting your tickets from the airlines, hotels, car rental companies, or cruise lines directly? Well, its simple. JustFly has developed their very own infrastructure which basically grants their customers access to exclusive discounts, seat sales, limited-time promos, etc. This is because JustFly has direct partnership with more than 400 airlines and thousands of hotels, cruise companies, and car rental businesses all around the world.

Reasons to use JustFly for your next trips

Why Use JustFly? - About JustFly.com

The online travel agency industry is overly saturated with thousands of different website offering the same thing but professing to be ‘different’ and ‘cheap’ when in fact, their prices are in no way budget friendly. With JustFly’s commitment to transforming travel into a more available and affordable commodity, you’re much better off with this company. From their low prices and user-friendly website, here are some reasons that will make you love this OTA even more.

JustFly benefit 1: A convenient and fast way of booking your ticketsĀ 

Among the strongest points of JustFly is their ability to easily allow their users to book tickets in just a few minutes. We’re not talking about 45 minutes, we’re talking about 5 – 20 minutes of booking time. The website itself is quite simple yet still manages to add a lot of useful options that will let you to filter out all the unnecessary stuff from your query. For example, if you’re searching for a roundtrip flight ticket to a certain destination and are flying with your child, you can easily set the search function to help you find what you need. Moreover, the payment method is completely safe and once you complete it, you’ll get your e-ticket almost instantly via email.

JustFly benefit 2: Save money when booking your travel needs

The majority of online travel agencies today, including the ‘big players,’ are claiming to offer cheap and high quality flights. In actuality, you have to either choose between affordable tickets and good quality services, you can’t choose both. Thankfully, JustFly.com’s partnerships with the ticket suppliers ensure that the services you get are both affordable and of high quality. Enjoy exclusive discounted flights, get access to cheap travel bundles, and all the other commodities without having to spend all your cash.

JustFly benefit 3: Experience customer service at its best

I personally love how JustFly handles questions and complaints. Back when I had booked a flight to Manila, I made some mistakes in my flight details. Other OTAs may not allow you to update these information or even if they did, you’ll have to pay a hefty fee just to do so. Luckily, I managed to find the error early enough and the customer service representative from JustFly gracefully handled the situation. Previous customers are also leaving positive reviews due to JustFly’s stellar customer service, from helping disabled customers book flights to answering the most common questions regarding online travel booking, they’re all here to help.

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