The online travel agency business has become more popular throughout the recent years. With relatively cheap tickets and accommodation services, more people decided to see the world and experience the fun of exploring new places. Before online travel agencies were a thing, brick-and-mortar travel agencies have dominated this niche. However, booking with real-life travel agents were not only time-consuming, they were also ridiculously expensive.

FlightHub is an online travel agency who wants to make traveling even more accessible to everyone. They provide some of the cheapest booking services in the world which has allowed people to save more money. Why use FlightHub? In this post, we’ll list down some of the most prominent reasons for you to try this Canadian OTA.

What is FlightHub?

The organization launched about 20 years back as a traditional travel office in Ontario, Canada. Subsequent to seeing the fast development and capability of the internet, FlightHub collaborated with more travel specialists, programmers, and web designers. This enabled the organization to have their own particular travel booking website called, and that is the place they started concentrating on giving flight tickets, hotel bookings, car rental services, and cruise tickets. FlightHub made their own particular framework which enables the organization to give sell discounted tickets and promo bundles to their clients. They’ve collaborated with more than 400 airline companies and, in addition, a large number of lodgings around the world. They enable clients to reserve a spot and appointments from FlightHub. Instead of visiting multiple airline websites just to compare prices, you can do it all on

Using FlightHub: the benefits

Travelers usually spend so much time and effort when it comes to their travel planning. They would tirelessly scroll through different airline websites just to search for the cheapest flight promo. Luckily, online travel agencies like FlightHub has made things more easier by creating a one-stop site for most of your travel needs. Here are the may reasons on why you should use

1. FlightHub is easy to use

Why Use FlightHub? - FlightHub is easy to use

Even if you’re not too tech-savvy, you’ll immediately realize how easy it is to use FlightHub’s online booking feature. This simplicity is the result of more than two decades of business experience. FlightHub’s people knew exactly that most travelers want to find a flight, a room, etc, and they want to find it fast. All online travel agencies claim to provide extreme convenience but some OTAs seem to have forgotten this virtue and began adding unnecessary features that has made things more complicated for their customers.

If you want to see what I’m talking about, just visit and you’ll notice the relative simplicity of its web pages. The booking form is located directly on the top of the homepage and all users need to do is basically type in all the basic info and then hit search.

2. You can save more money here

Why Use FlightHub? - Affordable travel

Online travel agencies are known for being a lot cheaper in comparison to real-life travel offices. This is because OTAs allow users to book their flights themselves without the need for a live travel agent. Of course, this does not mean that they do not have live travel agents. They most certainly do and you can ask them for help by calling the FlightHub toll-free phone numberĀ 1-800-900-1431. However, most people will no longer have to do so due to the aforementioned intuitiveness of the site.

If you’re wondering how FlightHub sells tickets at very low prices, it’s because they have already partnered up with hundreds of airlines and thousands of travel suppliers (e.g. hotels.) FlightHub has access to the latest travel deals, discounts, and limited time promos which they then sell to their customers.

3. Excellent customer service

Why Use FlightHub? - Excellent customer support

Some online travel agencies have unreliable customer service. Not FlightHub. This company knows exactly how to handle their customers’ inquiries. People would simply have to call or email the FlightHub team which directs them to a live travel agent at no extra charge. For example, if you need help finding a flight, just hit them up and you’ll be assisted all throughout hte booking process.

Overall, FlightHub is a great online travel agency that focuses on user experience and budget-friendly travel. If you’re the type who enjoys cheap tickets, then definitely try out this website.

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