Travel Interpreter App Reviews 2017

Origins and Ownership

With the Travel Interpreter app, you can not only learn a new language in the interim but seamlessly speak and translate your way around a foreign place.

Our Travel Interpreter app reviews take a look into the travel and language app and how it helps people from all over the world communicate on a better level. Find out what these users think based from Travel Interpreter app reviews. We hope our Travel Interpreter app reviews help you understand this service.

Services and Features

The Travel Interpreter app does not only do basic translating for you whenever you are in a foreign country and can’t speak or understand the language. The app has accompanying fun illustrations that make the translation easier to understand. Along with the “phonetic text,” the Travel Interpreter app “talks,” voicing out your concern so you won’t have to.

Travel Interpreter App Reviews 2017 user

View the list of the 33 languages that your English word or phrase can be translated into using the Travel Interpreter app, here on their Google Play app profile. According to their profile, the words and phrases are categorised under customs, hotel, service, driving, car services, sightseeing, entertainment, eating and drinking, and sports and leisure for users’ convenience. With each language is provided more than 2,200 translations that come in handy whenever making basic transactions like booking a hotel room or buying a meal in a restaurant.

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The Travel Interpreter app includes phonetic characters in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, and Thai. All the app’s content need only be downloaded and does not need Internet connection. You can learn further by exercising on your saved favorite words and phrases via the flashcard drill concept.

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Reviews of Customers

William Merrill gave the app five stars when he wrote in his Travel Interpreter app reviews: “Great App! I got this app for a dollar on sale, but its definitely worth the full price for such a well made app. Great selection of useful phrases. Simple, and fun to use. A must for those who travel abroad often (and still a cool app for those who dream about adventures overseas).” Other Travel Interpreter app reviews vouch that it was well-designed, “intuitive:” one of the best language learning apps that engaged them while they did translations.

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Another of the Travel Interpreter app reviews said it was an “Excellent app & support! For each English word or phrase, the other language & phonetic text are given, and you can hear the pronunciation. The illustrations are informative & fun.” Overall, out of 467 Travel Interpreter app reviews, the app was rated with 4.1 stars over 5.

How To Reach Them?

Useful and Interesting App Service

Using the Travel Interpreter app is a big help whenever you need to quickly translate or communicate something. What’s best about it is that you can learn on your own while using the app’s basic services and functions.

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