The choice of using an online travel agency is a popular one amidst the speed of searching or promised savings. With time, more people are aware that online travel agencies such as the ten we feature below can give them a modern travel planning experience.

Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 service

Some of these online travel agencies are owned by large travel companies and are easily distinguished as their own websites. They had established their reputation in the online travel world and introduced their share of new services to make travelling with them easier and cheaper.

1. Expedia


Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 Expedia

First on our list is one of the world’s largest travel companies, which owns Orbitz, Travelocity, Hotwire, and CheapTickets. True to its name derived from the words “exploration” and “speed,” Expedia users can search a variety of travel services such as hotels, flights, cars, trains, flight+hotel, beach, deals, city breaks, and check out last minute things to do, deals, and breaks as they go. Expedia starts their own trends and added Trains to their list of offered services.

Expedia searches more than a million flights, hotels, and packages, has a Price Guarantee, and no cancellation or change fee for updated hotel reservations.

2. Trivago


Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 Trivago

Known as the first hotel search engine in Germany where it is headquartered in Dusseldorf, Trivago is owned by Expedia. It compares the prices of more than 1.3 million hotels from more than 190 countries from more than 200 booking websites, making them one of the largest hotel search sites.

From any kind of hotel room or accommodation, travellers can pinpoint the ideal hotel of their choice that fits their budget when they do research on places and place information with Trivago. All you have to do is enter your travel details, refine the search results to make your decision. You  can complete the reservation for the hotel at the booking site itself once you click View Deal.

3. FlightHub


Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 FlightHub

Often making it to our lists of the best online travel agencies, FlightHub is Canada’s premier online travel destination. It had grown to be one of the country’s fastest-growing travel companies that has Travel Insurance on top of the traditional flights, hotels, and cars. You can search for these basic services from their search engine.

After booking with FlightHub, you’ll receive your e ticket instantly, unlike with other major online travel agencies, significantly minimising wait time or other stressors. Travel Guides are another thing you can access on their homepage.

4. Travelocity


Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 Travelocity

Travelocity, as mentioned is one of mother company Expedia’s subsidiaries; spinning off and reminding us somewhat of the layout and design of the latter. It offers most of Expedia’s services. Travelocity reviews note that it’s good for purchasing flight and hotel and car combination packages for massive savings. You can discover new things to do from their search engine, as well.

This time, they search from more than 400 airlines and more than 321,000 hotels from all over the world. Travelocity also matches prices and had been fitted with a Customer First Guarantee for assistance throughout all stages of people’s trips.

5. JustFly


Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 JustFly

JustFly searches more than 440 airlines to give users the cheapest possible prices. Catering mostly to the American demographic, JustFly makes everything simple and easy via instant e ticket delivery, like FlightHub. According to their company profile, their main focus is on their team of travel and technology experts maintaining an efficient online platform for searching the best low-cost tickets. Their other customer service representatives are available throughout customers’ travel planning and the Extended Cancellation Policy further insures people’s reservations.

6. Momondo


Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 MomondoApparently one of the most comprehensive travel websites, according to Momondo reviews, Momondo searches more than one thousand airlines, travel websites, and low-cost carriers, and directs you for free to the companies that sell the flight tickets. Momondo offers flights, hotels, and cars. It has a Trip Finder where travellers can determine great destinations according to their interests and budget.

They heavily feature certain top cities, countries, or destinations, and feature their Flights & Hotels app for cheap deals.

7. Priceline


Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 Priceline

Discover flights, hotels, cars, vacation packages, and cruises on Priceline. Simply enter your travel particulars on their page to start searching. What sets Priceline apart is their Name Your Own Price feature, where users can bid on hotels and rental cars to get even bigger savings. Like other online travel agencies, Priceline has special deals that’ll give you deeper discounts.

8. Hipmunk


Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 Hipmunk

Hipmunk was founded by computer whiz Adam Goldstein and Reddit co-founder Steve Huffman in 2010. They are headquartered in San Francisco, United States of America, and had since been acquired by SAP company Concur. Now, it’s a breath of fresh air in the online travel space. A friendly chipmunk traveller – their mascot and origin of their name – serves as your free personal travel agent. Through the stylized hipmunk, Hipmunk users can access a number of unique services such as emailing and chatting with them, integration of your calendar, and travel suggestions from their trending destinations.


Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017

Searching with for the perfect hotel is straightforward: simply narrow down the hotel by entering in the hotel, landmark, or address and your check in and check out dates  in the search engine. has hotels for any kind of traveller and travel need, coupled with a Price Match Guarantee and a 24-hour customer service hotline.

They have Rewards and a lot of options to get hotels of all kinds in different desirable locations or even at the last minute.

10. Kayak


Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 KayakWith cheap rates and a simple website, Kayak rounds up our list of top online travel agencies. They search through hundreds of airlines and travel sites and have a lot of added unique service features, some of them being their Smart Tools. The latter include price alerts, Explore where you can go with your budget, search for the best fares over 30 days, and trip management.

Kayak offers flights, hotels, and rental cars, which you can further search for under the categories Worldwide, Popular, and United States.

Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 airplane

If you want a fast, secure way of getting a possibly cheaper flight, hotel, package, etc,, an online travel agency can address your needs this 2017.

What can you say about our list of ten top online travel agencies? Did you find favorites of your own or form an opinion about any of them? If you have anything to add, feel free to leave your comments here below!


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