Skyscanner is a global metasearch engine for information on the world wide web. That enables people to find comparisons for flights, hotels and care hire. This service is free to users and directs you to an airline, hotel, car hire or a travel agency to complete the booking process.

Skyscanner is headquartered in the United Kingdom with offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow and London; as well as Singapore, Sofia, Beijing, Miami, Barcelona, Budapest, Shenzhen and Tokyo.

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Reviews – What People are saying

I’ve noticed that Skyscanner has given its efficiency towards its users. Different positive remarks given by Skyscanner’s users has been posted throughout the web. There have been may complaints, but you will notice how minimal these complaints were. Some of the reviews are listed below.

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I find it does what I require it to do, ie find cheap flights. Have been successful on the last few flights that my Husband and I have taken.”
—Sandra Bunn

“I always use Skyscanner when looking fot flights it is easy to use and always find what I need. I trAvel back to uk from Malta very regularly and this site makes it so much easier to find book and look for flights. I am quite flexible so the option of looking at whole month is brilliant gives the chance of getting a cheaper flight by changing date of flying.”
—Julie Hogan

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“Perfect site serving its purpose…cheapest possible flight in the world I got! Now I stopped checking out for any other site…..ease of booking and save lot of time in checking different sites….”
—Amit Tewari

The Website

A simple yet colorful website, Skyscanner offers flights, hotel and car hire services. Scrolling down, you can find some interesting travel articles that will tickle your feet into making a new adventure. Skyscanner does not sell flights directly; instead instead Skyscanner can be used to find the cheapest deal for a desired route after which users are automatically transferred to the airline or travel supplier’s website to make their booking directly.

Skyscanner Website

Skyscanner Mobile App

Available in 30 languages, Skyscanner mobile app offers the same services as to their website—just more handy, convenient and fast. Some of its unique features are the price alert notifications, that lets the user be notified of any price change. Just like its website, Skyscanner mobile app, allows the user to search for flights, hotels and car rentals. Giving its user an efficient, less-time-consuming, and convenient travel management, with just a swipe of a finger.

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Skyscanner app is free and is available for both Android and iOS. You can download this app by clicking on the links below:

Skyscanner for iOS: Skyscanner
Skyscanner for Android: Skyscanner  

How To Reach Them?               

  • Website URL:           
  • APP URL:                            Skyscanner App
  • Contact Number:              +44 131 252 5353
  • Online Contact Form:       Email Form           
  • Head Office Address:       Quartermile One 15 Lauriston Place. Edinburgh EH3 9EN. United Kingdom

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In conclusion, Skyscanner helps its users to find the cheapest and convenient travel results, allowing its user to choose from which is good and which is better. It offers a helping hand to every travellers and prevent them from making confused arrangements and decisions, when it comes to planning a travel.  

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