MyTrip – Travel Organizer App Reviews 2017

Origins and Ownership

MyTrip - Travel Organizer App Reviews 2017 brand iconWe start travelling in our imagination, long before we set foot in the distant land, through all the information we can gather from learning and preparing for the trip. Most of us are unfamiliar with a new destination, and though exploring is important, equally as important is the proper knowledge that makes a traveller from a tourist.

In these myTrip app reviews, we look into the travel app that promises to help travellers get their trips started on an organised and efficient note.

Services and Features

Using the myTrip app, app users can make and organise their own travel plans from available information on “destinations, hotels accommodation, flights, Places to visit, thin[g]s to do, shopping list, information about car rentals,” according to their official website.

The myTrip app is a place where users can access information on all things travel-related, having the option to make tick-able shopping lists and to-do lists, and share all the travel plans you’d created. It’s easy to get around with the app’s maps feature, directions, and large database on things you need to know about all the place’s restaurants, hotels, attractions, tourist points, and information on your flights and flight status.

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Be inspired with the Things To Do in a particular place and the numerous details about all sorts of places and products wherever you are. The myTrip app also features Travel Finances to manage and keep track of your expenditures.

To download the myTrip app from Google Play, go to this link from their official website.

Reviews of Customers

Based on 881 myTrip app reviews, the myTrip app got an average rating score of 3.9 stars out of 5, with positive new myTrip app reviews. One of the myTrip app reviews summed it up: “Comprehensive & user friendly This app is perfect & after installing few other popular apps, this app beats them all hands down. It should be no.1 on the play store. I like that you have 1. A to-do list for the things to bring with the option to ‘check’ it 2. Shopping list 3. Place search automatically locates the location on map, url info etc 4.Places explorer feature is awesome as it helps locate nearby attractions via categories 5. Financial report helps keep tabs on my expenditure.”

This was one of the many positive myTrip app reviews; it’s clear majority of the users were impressed by how helpful, useful, and informative the app was.

How To Reach Them?

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Organised Service for Travellers

Compared to other famous travel planners, one of the myTrip app reviews said “The app has very basic ability to add things to do, but needs to have more functions items to the app which other apps like tripit have and can do well. Is a little lacking these advanced functions but app itself works well.” Reviewers agree the app was effective, however expensive, and the minor problems were easily overlooked such as some parts not working and lack of total control or lack of other important app features they’d want to see.

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