With the continuously growing travel industry, people are scrambling to get the cheapest tickets to their dream destinations. The internet has helped numerous travelers around the world, and online travel agencies are among the most popular websites today. Today, we’ll take a look at JustFly, a popular online travel agency that claims to provide the cheapest tickets and other travel necessities. If you love budget travel, should you use this OTA? We’ll find out by looking at their customer reviews.

About JustFly

JustFly is an online travel agency that offers airline flight tickets, hotel accommodations, car rental services, and cruise trips. They are a team of travel experts, web developers, and customer support professionals who work together to provide the services that they have today.

Their company is also connected with more than 400 airlines and thousands of hotels which constantly provide JustFly with the latest discounts and promos. If you’re wondering why flights from these third-party services are so cheap, that’s because they have direct access to these discounts.

The JustFly website

When you open their website, you’ll notice a familiar layout which is also used by other online travel agencies and airlines. On top of the homepage is the booking form which needs to be filled up by customers. On top of this form are four tabs: Flights, Hotels, Cars, and Cruises. Select whichever service you need and fill up all the fields needed in their respective forms.

When booking flights, make sure to select the flight type and class. Also specify if you’re traveling with children and infants so as to get the most relevant results and pricing.

On the lower part of their homepage, you will find some pictures of the most popular cities amongst the travelers. If you click any image, the page will scroll up and the booking form will automatically adjust the destination to that selected city of your choice.

Aside from that, you can also read the policies of JustFly here. For the website terms and conditions, click here. Their support page will also give you some very useful information about cancellations, itinerary confirmations, and more. Just click here.

Customer reviews for JustFly.com

Below are some of the latest JustFly reviews 2018 that I gathered from around the web. If you have yet to book a flight using this website, we suggest that you take a look at the comments that people made. Fortunately, a lot of them were commending JustFly for offering some surprisingly cheap flights, providing fast customer service when needed, and also for their fast and convenient website services.

I’ve actually also booked with JustFly a year ago, when I went to the Philippines, and everything went smoothly. I had a delayed flight but I do understand that such events are far from JustFly’s responsibility and has more to do with the airport and/or airline.


JustFly Reviews 2018 JustFly Customer Reviews 1 JustFly Reviews 2018 JustFly Customer Reviews 2

JustFly Reviews 2018 JustFly Customer Reviews 3 JustFly Reviews 2018 JustFly Customer Reviews 4 JustFly Reviews 2018 JustFly Customer Reviews 5


Based on the reviews above, we can definitely say that JustFly is doing their job as they promised. The budget-friendly flights are very admirable and everyone loves cheap tickets.

JustFly’s contact information

For any questions, suggestions, complaints, and comments, please go ahead and contact directly via the following contact outlets.

The Conclusion

Looking at JustFly’s customer reviews, website features, mobile app, and taking into account the responsiveness of their customer support department, I can say that the company is fully capable and highly recommended for travelers. If you like affordable flight tickets, then this one’s for you. The JustFly Reviews 2018 above were written by verified customers and we can definitely see how the company tries its best to be on par with the major online travel agencies today.

Of course, JustFly are not without flaws. Sometimes, the system may take a little bit longer to process your booking process. If this happens, it’s highly suggested that you contact JustFly first and then get in touch with your selected airline next. The same goes for those who booked hotels, car rentals, and cruises.

So, to end this review, we suggest that you test out their website first. Go ahead and visit JustFly.com and look up a flight. See if their deals grab your interest and also try out their mobile app if you like.

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