Almost everyone loves to travel. Seeing new places and experiencing new cultures brings joy and excitement that’s cannot be matched by means other than traveling. Unfortunately, this also means that the industry has become convoluted. With so many businesses offering the “best” travel services, it can be difficult to choose which one to patronize.

In this article, we take a look at This online travel agency is based in Ontario, Canada and has been in business for quite a while, albeit rather obscure compared to other big-time OTAs today. Is FlightHub legit? Let’s find out.

FlightHub’s history, background, and more

The company started as an offline travel agency in Ontario, Canada about 20 years ago. After serving a small customer base, they took notice of the internet’s capability to reach a wider market, and so they launched their own website. With the help of their original team of travel professionals and a new team of software/web developers, successfully launched.

As per their website, they promise to provide a fast and hassle-free way of purchasing flight tickets to anyone from anywhere in the world. They also promise to show the full pricing without any hidden fees, an instant e-ticket delivery via email, and a stellar customer support experience which will work with you from beginning to end.

FlightHub claims to not only provide you with your travel needs, they also want to help you plan your trip to whatever destination you wish to visit. Their website provides several travel guides which can be very useful for new travelers.

Evaluation of their services

Is FlightHub Legit. - FlightHub Website

FlightHub, in it’s core, is merely an online airline ticket, accommodation, and cruise distributor. One great thing that I like about this business is that they never stray from their roots nor do they try to venture into extra services that travelers really do not need. I am a fan of businesses who remain focused on providing solutions for specific needs. If you are an online travel agency, I want to be able to buy my tickets from your website without having to wade through numerous “money traps” as I’d like to call them.

After exploring the website for a while, I can say that their system is fast, detailed, and reliable. The simple website design is perfect especially in conjunction with their low-cost services.

The drawbacks

FlightHub is a company that offers services for all travelers. They offer solutions to the most prevalent booking problems that we have. Their website has proven to be fully functional and reliable — at least, most of the time. FlightHub’s no-frills system is amazing, but it can also be a problem for some. Also, their system can experience errors and downtimes every now and then. Some customers noted that search results take forever to load during such downtimes. If you’ve been trying out their features and experience such issues, don’t hesitate to notify FlightHub via email, phone call, or direct message through their social media profiles. Not only are you helping yourself, you’ll also help others who are experiencing the same technical problems on the website.

Customer reviews

Looking at the latest reviews from websites like Feefo, Tripadvisor, and SiteJabber, I’ve seen the best and the worst of FlightHub. Many of the complainants claim to have experienced annoying technical problems on the website much like the ones that I previously mentioned. Other times, they said that they had to wait for a few hours before they got their booking confirmation via email.

On the other hand, people who praised FlightHub were pleased with how easy it is to book via the website. They commended the company for the affordable tickets and accommodations, so much so that they’ve decided to use FlightHub as their main method of ticket booking.

The final verdict: is FlightHub legit?

After reviewing their service quality, website functionality, and also taking a look at online customer reviews, my judgment of FlightHub: officially legit. With more than two decades of experience and thousands of customers served over that time period, it would be a lie to call them a fraud.

As I mentioned above, they are still encountering several system problems which is pretty common considering the online nature of their business.

If you’re looking for a new travel agency, would you consider using FlightHub? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below!

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