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Hopper App provides an insightful, data-driven research to make travelers make better decisions about where to go, when to fly and when to buy. Hopper is a big-data start-up that was founded in Montreal, Canada in 2007, by Chief Executive Officer: Frederic Lalonde. CTO Joost Ouwerkerk, and developer Sebastien Rainville; with a goal of becoming the Google of travel.

Hopper is currently headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the Kendall Boiler and Tank Company Building, and also maintains an office in Montreal.


How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:               http://www.hopper.com/
  • Contact Number:         416-250-1098
  • Contact Email:             support@hopper.com
  • Head Office Address: 275 Third Street Cambridge, MA 02142

Reviews – What people are saying

A balanced numbers of negative and positive reviews, regarding the performance of the Hopper App, are posted on the internet (mainly on the app’s page), some reviews are posted as well. This wouldn’t seem so bad because with the number of negative reviews, means a lot of room for the app to update and develop. Thus, a better excuse to enhance the capability of Hopper in giving every traveler the convenience they need. Some of these reviews are posted below:


Truly useful. User friendly, fun & amigable. Predictions are on spot. I did find a difference in price when compared to the source. I recommend use the app to find the best price & then go directly to the airline’s website (or by phone them), you’ll usually get a better price.”
—Jolbert Tejada (Via Google Play)

“Great way to double check before you buy your plane tickets. With the way fares go up and down, I always hesitate, worried the price may drop. This is a great double check that I have found to be quite accurate.”

—Shari Fox (Via Google Play)

“When you make a search, it saves it and tells you whether to wait or to buy now. Even gives you dates of when to give up looking for a deal. Exactly what I want in a price watcher.”
—Jesse Niou (Via Google Play)

“My airport (Tours, France) can not be selected. It would be also great that it proposes alternatives on close dates -if im flexible on dates. Seems to be an app with a good potential,just need little further sofistication”

—Eszter Megyeri (Via Google Play)

“Great app, I works as promised. The only issue is that they don’t include low cost airlines”
—Nicolas Aristizabal Mejia (Via Google Play)


As cute as their logo. Their website is also a cute one, with colorful cartoon-ish background, even kids will be delighted just by looking at it! You can check their website, just by clicking this link.


Mobile App


The Hopper is free to download and is available for both Android and iOS. You can download the app by clicking the links, posted below.

Hopper: iOS

Hopper: Android



A small app with large potential. Hopper can definitely help every traveler in making choosing the best decision, when making their travel plans. Together with their continuous software updates, users can rest assure, that Hopper will continue to service them with up-to-date notifications, and efficient service.

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