Traveling the world in 2018 is so much easier than it was a decade ago. Today, we have numerous travel websites that offer advice, tips, and services that greatly improves the experience of travelers. Online travel agencies, or OTAs for short, are among such websites. OTAs mostly allow users to book flights, hotel accommodations, and other travel necessities. Today, we will be taking a look at, a Canada-based online travel agency with an increasing customer base. We will also give you our FlightHub reviews 2018 to help give you some ideas whether to use their services or not.

A brief introduction to FlightHub

The company started doing business two decades ago as an offline travel agency in Ontario, Canada. After noticing the rapid growth and potential of the internet, FlightHub teamed up with more travel experts and software developers. This allowed the company to launch their own website,, and that’s where they began focusing on providing flight tickets, hotel bookings, cruise ships, and even car rentals. FlightHub created their own system infrastructure which helps the company provide exclusive promos to their customers. They’ve teamed up with more than 400 airlines as well as thousands of hotels worldwide. They allow customers to make reservations and bookings directly from FlightHub, instead of making users bounce from one website to another.

Their website

FlightHub Reviews 2018 Website 1

FlightHub’s website has a simple and user-friendly design. The first thing you’ll see when opening their website is the booking form. Here, you can choose whether you’ll book flights, hotel rooms, or cruise ships. Choose the service by clicking on the respective tab and the booking form will automatically adjust. Fill up this form and hit search. A new tab will open and you’ll see a list of all available flights/accommodations/cruise ships that fit your filters.

FlightHub Reviews 2018 Website 2

Back to the homepage, scroll down and you will find a section called “travel guides.” This is a small list of popular tourist spots around the world. If you click on the city name, you’ll be taken to a page where you can read a lot of useful info about that city.

For questions and clarification, you can visit their support page here.

FlightHub reviews 2018 from customers

Now, let’s take a look at some of the FlightHub reviews 2018 from the customers themselves. We looked for the latest customer reviews to help you form your own impression on FlightHub. Based on the reviews below, some of FlightHub’s strongest points are the affordable prices(especially for flight bookings,) the notable customer service, and the fast booking speed.

FlightHub Reviews 2018 Customer Reviews TrustPilot 1 FlightHub Reviews 2018 Customer Reviews TrustPilot 2 FlightHub Reviews 2018 Customer Reviews TrustPilot 3

FlightHub Reviews 2018 Customer Reviews SiteJabber 1 FlightHub Reviews 2018 Customer Reviews SiteJabber 2 FlightHub Reviews 2018 Customer Reviews SiteJabber 3

Many people seem to love the prices that are offered by FlightHub. One customer even stated that FlightHub helped him/her when they are looking for a ticket in an emergency situation. However, some people did complain about the strict policies surrounding the cancellations and modifications of personal information once the booking has been completed. We suggest that you thoroughly check all the details you type in before you finalize your booking. Also, it’s a good idea to contact the airline or hotel directly after an hour or so. This makes sure that your booking has been processed and will greatly help ease any concerns.

Contact details

Our judgement

Looking at the website, their services, their customer support, and the latest FlightHub reviews 2018 from numerous customers, I can say that FlightHub is a legit and useful website. They provide some very cheap flights and allow you to book flights any time. Their 24-hour support department is great if you need some help about your reservations.

If you’re a traveler or if you need a quick way to book a flight ticket, why not try FlightHub? They have some very good deals and you’ll be able to get your ticket instantly. I personally find it difficult when dealing with live travel agents. I love how I can just check the different flights to my destination without having someone look over my shoulder, constantly giving unnecessary suggestions. So, with that, I say that FlightHub is a must-try for people like me!

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