Traveling has never been so easy and cheap nowadays, with the help of technology and of course: online travel agencies. With the help of the internet, fast computers, booking a flight can be done in a minute or so. It’s one of the perks of living in a generation where technology really helps the daily lives of people, making everything fast, efficient, and convenient.

Known as one of the most fastest growing online travel companies in Canada. Situated in Ontario Canada, and with the help a dedicated team, FlightHub has been providing and serving Canada’s travel needs offline, for over 20 years; and in mid-2015, FlightHub launched its website, developed amazing softwares and further expanded the travel agency’s already broad reach from across North America and the World.

Today, we are going to talk about an online travel agency that provides the cheapest travel deals all over the world. Is FlightHub really that reliable? Let’s find out.


What people are saying

As being one of the most popular travel agencies on the web and in the whole world, it’s never a surprise to find out how their customers are giving FlightHub a tremendous amount of positive reviews. Making FlightHub one of the most reliable travel agency in the world. Here are some of the reviews:

I am a senior planning for long time to visit Alberta for a holiday with my wife. One constraint was a cost of flight apart from the the expenses to incur at that end. As I was looking for a reasonable fare my expectation became a reality when I found a FLIGHTHUB’S recent advertised flight schedule (Direct round trip flight) Hamilton to Edmonton to full my dream. We are extremely happy to write these few words and enjoy our journey in West Jet carrier. I am delighted to inform all passengers in the future trips be checked with Flight Hub shedules before making a decision.”
—Nihal Deegala (Reviews via TrustPilot)

“I was able to find every flight option I wanted at cheaper rates than my usual travel agent was able to find. Great option to have enough multiple cities option when search for flights. Overall will definitely be looking at this site again in the future.”
—Matthew (Reviews via TrustPilot)

“The 197.00 RT fare is old history.Meaning I haven’t seen that price in 17 years!! Knowing FlightHub offers such an awesome deal is exciting for travelers who want to spend $$ on a 4 Star hotel than on airfare.FlighHub makes it possible. KUDOS!!”
—Elvira (Reviews via TrustPilot)

The Website

A very smooth, vivid and easy to navigate website. Full of information regarding their rules, terms and conditions and information about their promos and other advertisements. Making it easier for every user to navigate, search, compare and book. You can book flights and hotels with FlightHub, and you can do it by reaching their website, in which you can do by clicking this link.


The Mobile App


The mobile app serves as the handy version of the website, more convenient to use, faster, and with clever interface in which a user can activate with just a swipe of their finger. The app provides the same services as the website. It allows users to search for flights, hotel reservations and car rental services as well. The app also provides an interactive seat-map for those travelers who want’s to choose and book their desired seats within the airline of their choice. An email will be sent to the user after booking via the app, and all of the informations regarding his/her travel and flight plans will be included there.

The app is available for both Android and iOS and can be downloaded by clicking the links given below:

Flighthub for: iOS
Flighthub for: Android

Contact information

  • Website URL: http://www.flighthub.com/
  • Contact number: 1-800-900-1431
  • Contact Email: beta@flighthub.com
  • Fax Number:
  • Head Office Address: 11½ Second Street West, Cornwall, Ontario, K6J 1G3



With the massive amount of positive reviews coming from their customers, I think FlightHub really is a reliable source for those cheap yet worthy travel deals. With their courteous customer service and a wide variation of travel promos, choosing the right travel deal that suits your style would be a hard one–because literally, everything is great! Have you tried booking with FlightHub? What are your experiences? Let us know by commenting below!

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