A fully owned subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group, Eurowings is a German low-cost airline; headquartered in Dusseldorf. Eurowings serves a network of domestic and European destinations as well as some long-haul routes and maintains bases at Berlin Tegel Airport, Cologne Bonn Airport, Dusseldorf Airport, Hamburg Airport and Vienna International Airport.


Origins and Ownership

Formed in 1993, Eurowings started their operations in 1994 using an initial fleet of ATR 42 and 72 aircrafts inherited from their predecessors. Lufthansa took an initial 24.9% stake in Eurowings in 2001, which increases to 49% in 2004 and completely took the entire ownership by 2011.

Eurowings was a part of Lufthansa Regional until October 2014, as they began to operate on behalf of Germanwings within their network. By October 2015, it had also started to incorporate Germanwings’ route network as part of the merger of the two brands.

What people are saying

Eurowings has been operating since 1994 and has been giving its passengers a convenient and wonderful travel experience. As far as the customer’s reviews are concerned, a vast number of positive reviews are posted throughout the internet that refers to how good Eurowings are treating their passengers. From comfortable seats to hospitable and courteous staff, every passenger seems to be quite pleasantly satisfied with Eurowings. Here are some of the reviews:


Totally surprise, my whole experience with this low budget airline was excellent. I was sceptical on booking a low budget airlines in Europe, so I decided that I will pay more and book with Lufthansa air online, during my booking when flight schedules appear their were like 6 to 8 flights available 3 were eurowings much lower price but I was still not certain . I like Lufthansa so I figure if they own this airline its gotta be good. To make a long story short everything went smooth From booking online even reserving your seats, free hand carry and check in 50 lb!!!. After reserving my seats online for my wife, then after a month passing by I notice a silly passenger decided to reserved her seat beside us, kind of funny with so many available open seat at the time, may be she likes that seat, so I call Lufthansa to change my seat location and they were very helpful she gave us 3A &3C she said most of the time no one likes to be in the middle and she was right. Plane was very clean flight attendant super nice, comfortable seats for short haul lots of leg room, they give lite snack, half a sandwich bottle water candy bar more than enough its just a short flight, and they return for more drinks.”
—Strat84Jojo (Los Angeles, California)


“Originally I booked a direct flight from Vienna to Berlin. I used the internet(Skyscanner),in April 2015, all well got my conformation and waited for my holiday to arrive. 2 months after I was notified, that this route is no longer flown by the airline. They rebooked me on another flight via Cologne. They did a very nice thing to me, because of the inconvenience they up graded the class from Basic(which I had chosen) to Best with all the trimmings of seat allocation, baggage check in(23kg) and refreshments. I call this service. I paid for economy and flew business class at no extra cost.”
—Fritz K (Esk, Australia)


“Must admit to being a fan of GermanWings, now Euro Wings since they first arrived on the scene in 2002. I travel very regularly between London Stansted and their main hub in Cologne on business and find the selection of flights and times to be ideal. 3 classes of seating available, replacing the original ECONOMY and SMART. BEST provides an empty middle seat on either side of the aisle in the first 4-5 rows offering plenty of elbow room and generous legroom, even in row 1. The SMART seats go back to just beyond the mid-plane exit seats. (Exit row passengers are not allowed to store anything in seat backs or beneath the seat in front, which means having to be fast to the lockers). ECONOMY is pretty good, less legroom but on a short haul flight of 55-65 mins is perfectly adequate. The leather seats on the refitted Airbus A319s are a little thin on padding, but here again, not an issue on short haul. Cabin staff are smartly turned out, attentive and quite disciplined. Never seen any non-German nationals, not that that’s a problem but you do tend to feel regimented at times. Smiles are sometimes there but you have to work at it. Timeliness is probably their worst attribute. In my experience, departures back from Cologne to Stansted are frequently delayed but the pilot usually tries hard to compensate. Then you have the dreadful U.K. Border Control queues which undo his efforts…. shopping ahead for flights is always worthwhile: plenty of good offers around and the excellent Boomerang (free to enrol) loyalty programme has seen me take several virtually free flights. You even get bonus miles for your birthday present, which is nice. Compared to the low cost rivals EasyJet and RyanAir, these guys are at the top of their game. I love them… Other than their sandwiches which are of curly British Rail standard.”
—Stuart B (London, United Kingdom)

The Website


The website offers a nice layout, filled with different hues of magenta and blue that compliments the websites white background. The website allows the user to search and book flights, check flight status, do an online check-in, do a seat reservation online, check luggage and many more. You can also check their low-fare calendar that offers a detailed view of their travel fares and promos, monthly and daily. You can visit Eurowings’ website by clicking here.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +44 330 36 51 91 8
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: +49 231 92 45 60 00
  • Head Office Address: Großenbaumer Weg 6, 40472 Düsseldorf, Germany



A convenient airline that provides a very luxurious travel experience. Comfortable seats, clean facilities, delightful meals and snacks, courteous staff that are always ready to help and assists you with your concerns, and a fast, smooth flight that makes your travel a bit more relaxing. Flywing with Eurowings must be a wonderful experience.

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