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El Dorado International Airport Reviews entranceEl Dorado International Airport, set in Bogotá, Colombia, is Latin America’s third-largest airport in terms of passenger count and is now among the top 50 world airports, according to El Dorado International Airport reviews. This airport is Colombia’s largest, busiest, and most important. Half of their traffic are international flights, and as the country’s most prominent, they handle 49% of Colombia’s air traffic. All the domestic and international flights into Bogotá use El Dorado International Airport.

Throughout the years, several upgrades and expansions made up El Dorado International Airport’s history in Colombian aviation that contributed to their growth, potential, and reputation.

Reviews – What People Are Saying

El Dorado International Airport Reviews interiorWe read through the 59 El Dorado International Airport reviews on Airlinequality.com, which gave the Colombian airport a 6/10-star rating. The most recent 10/10 El Dorado International Airport reviews had this to say: “Beautiful brand new airport. Still under renovation but quite a pleasant experience to use and transit it. The domestic concourse has some shopping/dining choices that are still insufficient in variety and space. Once all of the remodeling/expansion work is done this airport will definitely become a must-consider even if your destination is Colombia or another country. One of the best airports I have ever used. Highly recommended.”

Other El Dorado International Airport reviews note the airport had professional staff but was sometimes poorly cleaned, though reviewers remained optimistic that the management would fix these irregularities and better serve their customers.


El Dorado International Airport Reviews shopsThere is a tourist information desk at Arrivals and in both terminals that are ready to assist passengers of different needs at El Dorado International Airport. Aside from this service, free WiFi is offered throughout the facility not only to inform but to entertain travellers.

Shopping is available here: a Duty Free is located at international Departures while there are stores that sell crafts such as leather goods, souvenirs, and coffee, as well.

El Dorado International Airport Reviews store

There are a wide variety of dining choices both landside and airside, both terminals having a selection of cafes airside. El Dorado International Airport’s main terminal and Puente Aéreo each have a central food court.


El Dorado International Airport Reviews map layoutWhen driving from central Bogotá, use the Calle 26 (Avenida Eldorado) which through signposts will lead directly towards El Dorado International Airport. It will take approximately 20 minutes if you follow this route from central Bogotá.

Location – Traffic – Service

The airport serves as the largest hub for the national flag carrier of Colombia, Avianca, Copa Airlines Colombia, LATAM, Satena, EasyFly and other cargo companies. The most recent passenger count of El Dorado International Airport was 35,768,992 for the year 2016, with 773,475 cargo tonnage. This airport has two 3,800-m asphalt runways.

El Dorado International Airport Reviews airlinesFor a comprehensive list of the destinations of El Dorado International Airport, using either passenger, charter, or cargo airlines, view this link.

News and Awards

El Dorado International Airport was reported to have shot to the top 50 airports in the world in 2016, following recent upgrades. Also, by late 2017, the ongoing terminal work is to be completed which will expand the terminal by 38% and increase flight operations from 50 to 90 per hour.

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A Gold Mine of an Airport

El Dorado International Airport Reviews planeWe think that El Dorado International Airport is a trusted and tried-and-tested choice, merely by reading the El Dorado International Airport reviews online. Their massive success owes to their intelligence in constantly improving their facility and putting their valued customers at the forefront.

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