is an online accommodation booking website, started as a small start-up in Enschede in 1996. Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands and was owned and operated by United States-based Priceline, in 2005. has its operations centre in Amsterdam.

The company has over 1 million properties globally under contact, that it deals with more than nine-hundred-thousand room nights reservation every day. was formed when, founded in 1997 by Geert-Jan Bruinsma, merged in 2000 with Bookings Online, founded by Sicco and Alec Behrens, Marijn Muyser and Bas Lemmens, which operated as The name and URL were changed into and Stef Noorden was appointed as its CEO In 1997, Bruinsma wanted to post an ad in De Telegraaf, the Dutch newspaper with the highest circulation.  The ad was rejected since De Telegraaf only accepted ads with the phone number, not with a website. In 2002, Expedia refused to buy


How To Reach Them?


  • Website URL:              
  • Contact Number: +31 70 770 3884         
  • Contact Email:             
  • Fax Number: +31 20 712 5609                
  • Head Office Address: B.V., Herengracht 597, 1017 CE Amsterdam, Netherlands   

The Website


The website shows a simple interface, with different photos, tabs and panels layered on the website’s white background. The website allows every user to search for accommodations, on their desired location and compare each search results for them to choose the best place that suits their budget and needs. offers varieties of accommodations, promos and advertisements that can help each traveller who are looking for low-cost accommodations. You can check out their current promos and other accommodations by clicking this link.

The Mobile App


The app is free to download and is available for both Android and iOS. You can download the app by clicking the links given below: iOS Android

Reviews – What People are saying

After reading the comments given by its customers, seems to be decent app that helps travelers to find the best accommodation that suits their needs and style. Here are some of the reviews.

I have used this app all across the US during a cross country road trip. Super easy to use and the reviews for hotels are always pretty accurate.”
—Jill Staub (Via Google Play)

“ Best application to book ur stay worldwide. Have been using it long time ago”

—Ahmed Radwan

“ I have never had a problem with this app and would recommend it to everyone. Used it in multiple countries with no problems.”
—Tye K (Via Google Play)


Based on these reviews and other reviews posted throughout the internet, I thinks it’s safe to say that is a decent app that helps travelers choose their own accommodation preferences. Though there are some negative comments about the app(and the company as well), they are more like those simple software glitches that can be fixed with an update. Some are talking about how unresponsive their customer service were, well, in my opinion: I think should not take these kinds of complaints lightly, they should take actions so that they can regain their reliability that can soon attract customers in the near future.

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