Agoda App Reviews

Origins and Ownership

Agoda App Reviews brand logoThe Agoda app is the mobile version of the Agoda online travel agency website, which is based in Singapore and initially established in Thailand, and which offers accommodation booking services available in multiple languages. Agoda’s mobile app was launched in 2011, whereas the travel company was founded in January 2007.

Read our Agoda app reviews to learn more about the travel app and what makes it unique based from Agoda app reviews and its main features.

Services and Features

Agoda App Reviews mobile deviceAccording to Agoda app reviews, the recent updates to the Agoda app are the following: “quickly find top attractions near your selected hotel by opening the hotel map, sign in or sign up easily with Facebook login, and various performance improvements.”

You can choose from more than 925,000 hotels and vacation rentals worldwide. On the Agoda app, prices on all kinds of accommodations are at their record lowest at rates that are not even available on their official website, such as their Insider Deals, Last-Minute Deals, and Secret Deals which offer cut-offs of as much as 80% off.

Agoda App Reviews screenshotSearching is easy when you browse using the language and currency of your choice. Useful search filters, hi-resolution photos, map views, local experience information, and more than 9 million verified traveler reviews can help you make your decision, with 24/7 customer service agents available to help make your trip as smooth as possible.

Furthermore, the Agoda app may request access to your phone or information to save your booking vouchers to your device, to help you find properties near you, to save booking dates to your calendar for timely reminders, and to let you share Gift Cards with your friends easily.

Reviews of Customers

We weren’t impressed with the negative Agoda app reviews we saw online – most of them were rated with only one star stating that it’s a scam or that it’s “not even working.” The most recent Agoda app reviews wrote, “Scam Alert Since 2014, app failed to give out rewards points even if user did login using the app. Agoda kept denying and push blame to customer. Finally admitted the app got system errors but errors persists for months. It is clear that Agoda is not doing anything so they can continue to scam customers! I had update the wikipedia to reflect the bugs. Now Agoda had shamelessly blocked my account for exposing them.”

How To Reach Them?

Do Not Use This Travel App

Agoda App Reviews banner imageAgoda app reviews exposed several pitfalls of using this app. Apparently, there were many such and these even say that things would be better if Agoda didn’t pay for their “petty scam.” Others say that the app wasn’t helpful, or was confusing, and not functional. I wouldn’t recommend that you use the Agoda app since their fame also lead to plenty of negative Agoda app reviews the revealed several aspects of their service.

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