Finally making the switch to travel full time may seem like an extreme decision, but many perfectly capable people swear by the right choice. Some already feel the call of the ocean, the calling of travel, while they are involved in the routine tasks of daily living. It’s true that for some of us, travelling full time is the best way to spend the rest of our lives. Though not suited for everyone, full time travel has a number of unique qualities that support one of the most major life decisions you can ever make.

5 Convincing Reasons to Travel Full Time journeyman

1. Constantly make new friends all over the world

The more places you land in or find yourself in, you will have no shortage of new friends from all over the world as a full time traveller. Broaden your horizons and your social life by beginning to interact with the locals. Living as they do, or with a community of like-minded full time travellers is an open book by which people from different backgrounds share each other’s’ experiences and life stories.

5 Convincing Reasons to Travel Full Time friend

2. Dictate your daily tasks, routine, and schedule

Now, that you’re no longer bound to your work – which you likely quit in the event of full time travel – you are now the complete master of your own life. For the first time, all you’ll think of everyday would be to reasonably satisfy your needs and wants and coordinate your schedule to that of the lifestyle of your host country.

You can take your business wherever whenever, and glean enjoyment from the freedom and various opportunities to spend time all around you. With this, you won’t fall into any unforeseen routine.

5 Convincing Reasons to Travel Full Time schedule

3. Be a citizen of the world

Learning is one of the main benefits travelling, especially when done full time, can give. Whether it be through picking up the local language or learning a country’s food, culture and customs, history firsthand, full time travel will be the unique book that replaces other means of learning about a place.

The things full time travel can teach you are priceless especially if you travel to the fullest, pushing the boundaries of your imagination and beyond.

5 Convincing Reasons to Travel Full Time citizen

4. Earn unique privileges and ways of living

Travelling full time will afford you a radically different kind of life from the one you left back home. You are no longer bound towards long-term rent, frequent bills but are literally living off your backpack and the events along the road. Frequent travelling will work in your favour at airports and airlines, and you can sustain the future of your adventure through employment opportunities such as freelance work or even starting a travel blog.

5 Convincing Reasons to Travel Full Time job

5. Live life to the fullest

Never regret a travel decision, especially travel plans that were never realised. Travelling will help you mature into a better person who appreciates natural beauty and diversity. The stories, souvenirs, and cultural enrichment you can collect have no peer in any other experience, giving you the unique position to inspire your peers.

Whether it’s a place you’d been to or one on your bucket list, full time travel comes with discoveries about everything. Finally being free to dictate the course of the rest of your life means you discover more about yourself and the rest of world.

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