Melbourne is the capital of the Australian state of Victoria and is mostly known for its vibrant arts and culture scene, its sporting events, and the fashionable people and lifestyle that distinguish it as a modern place for sophisticated living. Travellers to this city ought to plan ahead as Melbourne’s attractions are many and activities to choose from can add colour to your stay and help you learn what the coastline suburb is all about.

5 Best Tours and Sightseeing in Melbourne walk arcade

Set aside a portion of your travel budget and get the Australian experience of your life with some of Melbourne’s most lucrative and enjoyable tours and sightseeing. Melbourne tours involve trips around the city by day, capping it off with sunset views preceded by dinners inside touring tramcar restaurants, special activities in themed places such as Melbourne’s wineries, and walking tours of famous Melbourne landmarks and attractions.

1. Tramcar ride

5 Best Tours and Sightseeing in Melbourne tramcar ride

A great way to get around Melbourne, and not for that expensive a cost, would be by hopping onto a tramcar which looks and feels like a cross between an elegant bus and an upscale train. Some of these large bus-like vehicles – like the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant of Melbourne – are themed and offer multi-course meals allowing you to dine on a multi-star late dinner while enjoying the cozy ambience, music, other amenities these tramcars offer, and the views rolling from the windows.

2. Special activities

Melbourne is a natural haven for the arts and home to many institutions dedicated to its preservation and that of nature. Combining these two creates Melbourne’s unique approach to cultural and tourist outreach, wherein travellers can experience firsthand natural wonders. From zoos like Melbourne Zoo, aquariums, tours of Melbourne’s famed wineries, the educational experience begins with the exciting interactive features these places, tours, and sightseeing provide.

3. River cruise

5 Best Tours and Sightseeing in Melbourne river cruise

If you want to switch your footing and go explore Melbourne by water, a river cruise will answer what you are looking for. Some of these river cruise boats can be boarded whenever, departing from a number of places throughout the city. Choose the perfect route or river cruise and start embarking on sights of Melbourne experienced like no other.

4. Nature tours

5 Best Tours and Sightseeing in Melbourne nature tour

By day, Melbourne can be one of the most beautiful spots in Australia and by night, the sunset is spectacular, from which the iconic 12 Apostles at sunset ends one of their sightsees. Australia is the natural habitat of many species of animals, and visitors can embark on “eco” tours to watch them; nature tours take you along the Great Ocean Road, parks, savannahs, and other outdoor adventures.

5. Balloon flight

5 Best Tours and Sightseeing in Melbourne balloon flight

So, we covered touring Melbourne by land via tramcar express, by water via a river cruise, and that leaves taking in a panoramic view of most of Melbourne via a colourful hot air balloon. Soar through Melbourne’s skyline of urban skyscrapers, get a different perspective of its sprawling parks, natural features, and sporting arenas. Melbourne is one of the few cities that offers tours using a hot air balloon, heightening people’s unique experience.

Melbourne Tour Sightsee bus tour

Touring Melbourne, travellers can discover a number of things to do and see that enhance their visit. Melbourne has a lot to offer, and luckily, they provide us with opportunities to experience the city in different ways.

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