Travel apps are not a recent discovery, but in the coming years, the increasing number of people who travel will consider the numerous advantages of using travel apps, if only by considering the aspects of travel which they cover. Read about the 10 best travel apps for 2017, here in our newest review.

1. FlightHub


10 Best Travel Apps 2017 FlightHub

This is obviously a one-stop shop for all your travel shopping needs, whether you are looking for a flight, hotel, or car rental service. The FlightHub app will search through thousands of flight options, more than 900,000 hotels, condos, and apartments, and more than 30,000 car rental locations from over 170 countries when you search, giving you the cheapest combinations thanks to their proprietary technology. Unlike other travel apps, FlightHub sends their e-ticket within minutes and is famous for their updated and great pricing along with other features to search for hotels, and more.

To download the app, click at the link or image above or click here: FlightHub app.

2. TripIt


10 Best Travel Apps 2017 TripIt

One day, we’ll need more travel apps like, yet so far, they rank high on our list with their assistance in our organisation needs. Not everyone is able to whip up a travel plan based solely on their travel confirmation emails, but TripIt will automatically create a master itinerary plan for you when you can’t, by using the information – travel confirmation email – you send to them via or which you import from your Gmail, Google Apps,, or Yahoo! mail inbox. You can share this master plan with anyone and it’ll sync with the rest of the events on your own calendar, and displays maps and driving directions to your destination.

To download the app, click at the link or image above or click here: TripIt app

3. Skyscanner


10 Best Travel Apps 2017 Skyscanner

It’s available in several languages – more than 30 – and you can ask for more. Skyscanner gives some of the best prices on flights, hotels, and car rental services, with searches done instantly along with Price Alerts that will notify you of any price changes. It makes it to our list because of unique features such as their colour-coded chart and calendar view which shows the cheapest days and months to fly, and their Everywhere and Top Deals which share cheap vacation inspiration and the best deals from the nearest airport, respectively.

To download the app, click at the link or image above or click here: Skyscanner app

4. JustFly


10 Best Travel Apps 2017 JustFly

JustFly searches more than 900,000 hotels to stay with, and more than 150 airlines to fly with, and 30,000 car rental locations in over 170 countries. Advertised as something so easy anyone can use, the app features the most updated prices on their system which their team constantly negotiates for to give users the greatest savings. You can pick where you want to sit ahead of time and receive your e-ticket within minutes, saving you time and stress. Furthermore, read their more than 87 million verified guest reviews to check out more information about the hotels you’re thinking of staying with.

To download the app, click at the link or image above or click here: JustFly app

5. Google Translate


10 Best Travel Apps 2017 Google Translate

Indispensable in the world of words, Google Translate translates between 103 languages when you type, and allows translation of 52 languages when you don’t have Internet. The Tap to Translate feature offers the translation of copied text from any app while their camera translation translates the text in a captured image in 29 languages. This is probably the only app where you can learn an entire language in the interim, and it’s extremely helpful in the numerous aspects of service it offers in translating the world’s major languages.

Check out their app link to view which languages’ translations are supported. To download the app, click at the link or image above or click here: Google Translate App

6. XE Currency


10 Best Travel Apps 2017 XE Currency

Taking the last few spots on our 10 Best Travel Apps 2017 reviews are practical travel apps such as XE Currency, an up-to-date currency converter that shows live proprietary currency rates and charts, and the last updated rates when you don’t have Internet. It’s the most popular and most downloaded app of its kind, and aside from working offline, its settings can be further personalised. The currency rates refresh every minute; XE Currency has all the world’s currencies and precious metals, and you can compare the former with XE Rate Advisor.

To download the app, click at the link or image above or click here: XE Currency App

7. Hipmunk


10 Best Travel Apps 2017 Hipmunk

This app’s like most and at the same time, not. With a young genius CEO at its helm, Hipmunk is a venue where you want to do your travel planning. Book and compare flights and hotels, and check out Agony, which incorporates important factors like flight duration, number of layovers, and price to save time. Plus, save as much as 60% on their Tonight Deals for hotels booked at the last minute. Their heat map will show how close your lodging is to shopping and dining areas while comparisons are easily done with TrustYou reviews and direct booking.

To download the app, click at the link or image above or click here: Hipmunk App

8. FlightStats


10 Best Travel Apps 2017 FlightStats

Millions of people trust FlightStats’ in-depth flight status tracking and airport information, especially when it’s used at the day of travel; with it, learn important alerts and facts about your flight. According to their app description, the following are tasks you can accomplish when you use FlightStats: quickly access worldwide flight status by flight number, airport, or route, watch flights as they move across the world on their flight tracker, scan essential information like departure or arrival times, delay indexes, gates, and weather, and check the flight timeline.

To download the app, click at the link or image above or click here: FlightStats App

9. GasBuddy


10 Best Travel Apps 2017 GasBuddy

60 million drivers use, download, and trust GasBuddy: the world’s largest community-based fuel app. How does it work? It involves finding the cheapest gas of whatever type, nearby or cheap gas stations, and involvement in a community where you can share information on these and be rewarded when you do so. GasBuddy even awards $100 in free gas everyday; you can earn points and achievements when you report gas prices. Using this app will save you money and time so you can head straight to the best gas deals and earn something in return.

To download the app, click at the link or image above or click here: GasBuddy App

10. LoungeBuddy


10 Best Travel Apps 2017 LoungeBuddy

Almost all airports have lounges, but finding out more about them is tricky. LoungeBuddy takes all the guesswork from looking around for the perfect lounge, with access to more than 900 of the world’s busiest airports. Inform LoungeBuddy of your elite statuses, lounge memberships, or premium credit cards you may have, and they will do the rest. View amenities, photos, and reviews from other guests to start travelling better.

To download the app, click at the link or image above or click here: LoungeBuddy App

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